About AVEDA Essence:

We have partnered exclusively with AVEDA since 1998 and are  proud to be part of the company that pioneered natural beauty products before it was cool.  AVEDA products are 93-99% organic, plant-based, cruelty free, and use only ethically-sourced ingredients that enrich the communities they come from, worldwide.


This sustainable lifestyle continues at Essence where we work with the earth– rather than against it– to help you discover your own natural beauty.

  • Our facility offsets greenhouse gas emissions with a geothermal HVAC.

  • We use natural alternatives to toxic chemicals whenever possible (even replacing acrylic nails for a long-lasting, natural-looking gel polish) so that you can breath easy.

  • We actively reduce, reuse, and recycle and believe if we pull together as a community to protect, respect, and understand the environment, we all lead healthier lives.

    We prefer to think of ourselves as “exclusive” rather than “small” and are proud to offer the renewing experiences and refreshing atmosphere unique to AVEDA.  Let us know how we can accommodate you and yours– we love what we do and can’t wait to show off the best “pampering” Cache Valley has to offer.  Until then, Namaste.